Let me be alone, multiplayer (and you too, zombie!)


Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty social. I like to mingle and have a good time with other people. But that’s in real life, not online. Even though I have reviewed my share of games, I have never fully appreciated the concept of multiplayer. I play it out of necessity (and even enjoyed it on occasions), whenever a review requires it, but other than that I only jump on the single-player modes. I don’t know, if it’s because I’m scarred after playing an online match in FIFA 09, where my opponent kept yelling into his headset about glory with Chelsea FC, but I just don’t think it’s funny. Apparently, my time is too valuable to waste on people in the virtual world – whenever it’s not related to Twitter, LinkedIn or even Facebook.

What’s my point? Well, If you asked me a couple of months ago, my answer would be: “Ubi, don’t spend time on multiplayer in AC: Brotherhood. You’ve got a good thing going with Ezio and the single-player campaign, why involve anyone else in my perfect little world, whenever I’m alone with Ezio. ” – Well, that’s not going to last anymore, since I got my hands on the Brotherhood beta for PS3. For once I actually enjoyed myself while playing with strangers. The fact that I were assassinating them clearly helped my fun, but given the fact that I spend +1 hour on the beta, it surely counts as a success. Even more so because I’ll actually be playing the multiplayer, when Brotherhood releases (add me: distraet on PSN and Live, if you feel like being killed by a monk).

But, this shouldn’t be mistaken as encouragement to other developers out there. Would it matter, if BioShock 2 didn’t have any multiplayer? I think not. And how about Dead Space 2? Would the excitement about the release be any less, if we’ve never heard about any multiplayer? No. The point is: Multiplayer isn’t the answer to everything. These days it seems as though the idea of different modes online is the gateway to instant fame and high sales numbers. Well, it isn’t. Far from it, actually. Whenever I hear the hype machine start its engines because of the word ‘multiplayer’, I cringe. For the love of gamers, please dedicate some time to a decent single-player experience, before even thinking about doing some fancy mutliplayer thing.

By the way, the same thing goes for you zombie-loving developers, too. Zombies might have been hot stuff  last year, but they’re getting kinda 2009-ish. Though, I wouldn’t might seeing zombies in AC: Brotherhood. Long live hypocrisy.Ezio, the zombie killer

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